Leadership, Coach, Yu2shine

Mika Heinonen

Lead  Coach


John Maxwell Team Member Leadership Coach/
ThetaHealing Certificate of Science



Are you experiencing a sense of urgency, yet a lack of direction? Are you unable to tap into and unleash the inner drive within? Are you secretly fearing not being able to reach your potential or struggling with impostor syndrome? Are you called to lead and want to expand your leadership reach?

Mika combines his unique path of practical leadership with spiritual insights and transformation. He helps executives and leaders alike to change their focus from leading and managing exclusively from their headspace to leading from their heartspace via brain-heart coherence, helping them to expand virtues of compassion, service, wisdom and courage and deepen skills and abilities to maximize their leadership potential.

Mika is offering you our uniquely crafted Lead mE program of 21 weeks individual coaching.

I know that by touching the right people and helping them find their inner light the ripple effect will change millions of lives permanently. It also leaves a legacy that will shine for thousands of years.
–  Mika Heinonen

Lead Individual Session
with Mika