Mastering others requires force.

Mastering the self needs strength.

— Verse 33, Self-Mastery, Tao-Te-Ching


First things first, what is the difference between force and strength?

Force, by definition, is ability to move an object through pushing or pulling. Very much like in a literal physical sense, as in moving a chair, to move a person, or to “force” them, we apply mental or emotional if not physical force. For example, “pushing” through argumentative and/or threatening approach or “pulling” as in a manipulative one. We all know very clearly when we are being forceful in life… You know how? It always backfires. Sometimes it takes longer to back-fire… but it always does.

Strength, on the other hand, is the ability to resist being moved or broken by force. It is power not only to extend, but also to resist force! What makes us strong is our ability to not be mastered by others via their force. It is our ability to claim our life back fully. And, as we do, we truly start mastering ourselves.

John Maxwell is known for his widely used definition of leadership as “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Genuine lasting influence is not obtained by force. But it is definitely obtained via strength. As everything is energy, our qualities, very much as our words or emotions vibrate at a different frequency. The greater the strength, the more dominant the frequency. Because dominant vibration always prevails, when exposed to someone with a huge strength, we get influenced… Which is why it is so very important to surround yourself with those that are mastering what you wish to master…

Our ability to fully be influenced and allow it in our life, will make us weak in a sense that we will give in to a stronger, more dominant vibration. The one instant where this is beneficial comes from 2 Cor 12:10, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” It is very important to understand this verse. We are not to be weak as allowing force from negative energy. We are to be weak as to allow all-powerful force of God, the influence of Life Source, allowing the flow of life through us. As we surrender to that all encompassing love and life-giving source, we gain the strength to withstand all other forces in our life. Both ironic and so very freeing, isn’t it? To master self fully, we have to learn to allow and to let go first.

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