Keys to Impossible: 2021 Manifesting Power Hour

Coming out of a pandemic-ridden and economy-challenged 2020, and having experienced loss of loved ones, loss of income, loss of relationships, and loss of connections, we all are putting a lot of hope for recovery in 2021. This KEYS TO IMPOSSIBLE program converts that hope into a powerful and intentional creation.

To have a great start, we have to first reframe and resolve our losses from the previous year. This reassessment, among many other unique aspects, is what makes this program by far the deepest dive into methods to manifest a better new year.

During our time together, we will unlock your abilities by using energy techniques, meditations, and practical approaches:

We will release shock and stagnant energies of 2020 and will reframe it to successfully transition and create the most abundant 2021

We will set individual intentions for 2021 as an annual theme

We will expand your intention into each area of your life

We will cover monthly intentions and daily commitments

We will develop practical steps and practices to support you on your journey throughout the year

Above all, we will create an atmosphere of joy and will have a lot of fun doing so!

To accommodate differing time zones, we are offering two sessions. Please indicate which session you are signing up for. This unique program will NOT be recorded and will only be available as a LIVE Zoom session to protect the privacy of the participants.

You are the KEY to your 2021

You matter! Your success matters! Your 2021 matters!