All work is sacred. Everything is spiritual. When you bring your Spirit to work, you will become a powerful builder of success.

— Jon Gordon

Sacred. Would that be the first word you use to describe your … work? Yet it is when our work becomes sacred to us that we not only achieve success but that our life acquires significance.

In physics, work is the amount of force that causes an impact or displacement of an object. Thus the law of work states that to have an impact, there must be an activity, a force applied. Not only there must be an activity for work to be accomplished; there also must be an impact for an activity to be considered work. Here is our first red flag of misunderstanding work – doing things is not work. Going to work is not work –unless there is an impact. If you feel that your activity has no impact, you feel energetically drained. If you feel that you are impacting the lives of others or improving the procedures to do so, you might be physically tired after a long day of work, but also miraculously energized.

How do you achieve this state of sacredness in work? This state of impact? Indeed, changing your occupation might be an obvious solution. But what do you do if you are not in a position to do so now?

Start loving what you do – regardless of what it is that you are doing. Bring all of you into it. Give all you have. The amazing sequence of learning to love what you do is that it will take you to doing what you love! Doing the very best with what you are given, looking for ways to be grateful for it, giving it life – literally breathing life into it – means bringing the Spirit to it. Prior to the ease of changing what you do, you have a full freedom to change how you do what you are currently set to do!

Happy Labor Day! Let’s make work what it is meant to be – a sacred experience, a venue for us to practice deep joy of serving others.