The present moment is the only moment available to us. And it is the door to all the moments.

— Thick Nhat Han

The law of the present moment dictates that we should develop the awareness and strive to enjoy living in the now.  Our limited human experience feeds the illusion of time as means of sheer survival and sanity while coping with the timeless. We are very used to the concept of linear time. Reasoning from this understood and accepted concept, we would suggest that time has no beginning and no end. There was time before us and there will be time after us. Let’s take this present moment. It is a connection between what we call our past and present. It is a stepping stone from one to another. It truly is a place of transition. It is where we live. Present moment is where we dictate our relationship with time and space, with our life.

All the experiences that we have had up till now, we refer to as the past. All the upcoming experiences are our future. We have come to believe that what we do any given moment shapes our future. Yet, within limitless space and endless time, what we do every moment must vibrate both ways through the fabric of perceived time. For example, both memories and dreams are thoughts and as such have a power to create. Memory is a thought of a past moment. Dream is a thought of a future one. Each thought is a vibration. Each penetrates generations of times and endless eternities. Eternity is not chronological; it is best understood as generational. We perceive it as chronological because we differentiate between thoughts, dreams, and memories. Once we fully understand that there are only thoughts, vibrating through generations of time – one causing the next- time disappears, as we know it. Thus, if we are to affect the future by what we are thinking this very moment, we are also able to affect the past.

We can address many points in our perceived past and relive, re-imagine, re-feel them with a new ending. This complete release, this ability to let go and to allow is instrumental for our progression of detaching from time, of overcoming matter, and of becoming one with the light. To do so, we must change our feelings about the past experiences. “Scientific research has shown that as we change the way we feel about what’s happened to us in our past, we change the chemistry of our bodies in the present” (Braden). Our body chemistry is changed literally to that of a higher vibration body.

As it is our consciousness, our mind, our thoughts that determine our feelings and thus the frequency of the vibration of our body, when we focus on the positive outcome of every moment, we change the fabric of our timeless existence across the span of perceived past and present. As we apply the law of the present moment to fully focus and live in the Now, we fully understand the joy of life, we realize the closeness we have with God, because in this very moment the Divine light is reaching to and through us. “Time is what keeps the light from reaching us. There is no greater obstacle to God than time,” said 13th century spiritual leader Meister Eckhart. Be present. Be.