From conditioning of the past to living your true design with Robert Kittridge

Robert Kittridge All About the Voice

Default or design. Two ways to live our life.

After 30 years of dedicated fire service, followed by an outstanding coaching career, Robert Kittridge discovered his unique path and purpose through a system called Human Design.

Having experienced a genuine transforming freedom from conditioning of the past through alignment with his true design, Robert, a voice for human design, now takes others on their unique journey.

[3:37] Conditioning in Human Design
[4:59] Upgraded understanding of conditioning
[5:20] About abuse, trauma and how we believe in what we were told
[7:07] Why do we have limiting programs?
[8:19] Our mind is not our inner authority
[10:38] Soap, soup and awareness
[14:30] Four main types of human design
[17:53] Strategy and authority
[33:31] A special gift

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From conditioning of the past to living your true design with Robert Kittridge

00:00:02 Robert
In the world of many internal and external voices the voice you listen to is the voice that dictates your life. Would you like to discover a clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All About The Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host, Victoria Raider.

00:00:29 Victoria
Default, or design. Two ways to live our life. After 30 years of dedicated fire service, followed by an outstanding coaching career Robert Kittredge discovered his unique path and purpose through system called human design. Having experienced genuine transforming freedom from conditioning of the past through alignment with his true design, Robert a voice for human design, now takes others on their unique journey. Here is Robert.

00:01:00 Victoria
All right. And here with me is Robert Kittredge, Robert Welcome to All About The Voice

00:01:06 Robert
Victoria. I’m so excited to be back in connection with you and a guest on your podcast. This is honoring

00:01:12 Victoria
Robert. I’m fascinated by this human design. I’m sure we’re going to dig in, and you’re going to teach me and the listeners, the ins and outs and the general ideas of that. But I’m interested in how did you end up practicing this modality – human design?

00:01:30 Robert
Hmm. Well, can I step back a little bit further?

00:01:33 Victoria
Oh, yeah.

00:01:34 Robert
Okay. All right, because it’s the journey that really makes the difference. So for me, you know, my personal growth and development probably started in about 1982 in the back of a police car. Now, Nothing bad. There was actually something pretty silly. But it really had me start to look at me and know that that wasn’t where I belong. I started reading going to seminars, like many probably of your listeners, and trying to learn who I was to be able to live that life I wanted to live. And you and I right join the John Maxwell team and we’re part of that for many years. But in 2020, a friend of mine introduced me to another coach, and we connected over coffee, and I was explaining where I was and what I was doing. And she just says, you know, Robert, at that time, I’ll talk about that, but she goes Bob, I think I’ve got something that may interest you. I’m like, all right, I’m always willing to look at something new, always willing to. I dove in. And oh, my God, the first three months was like a. It was a reality check to see everything I had done in my life. The impact, the reasoning and the big one. And here’s one of the points is I was not making my choices and decisions through what was correct for me. Hmm. I was making those through what’s called conditioning, which everybody does its part of the human experience. So that’s how I got introduced to to the modality called human design

00:03:11 Victoria
And what is conditioning in human design. I know there are a lot of different psychological description of conditioning. You know, we are conditioned human beings. We are continually, and it serves Us in great ways. If I conditioned myself to eat a certain way, I don’t have to think every time. I know

00:03:28 Robert
it’s A function of a subconscious mind. But I have a feeling this is something different here. So what is conditioning in human design? Well, not really so conditioning. And I love this reference, or this definition is condition, Is anything that keeps us from living who we truly are like our full potential. So think about it. Victoria. We’ve seen people that want to be speakers, but are so afraid to get up and speak, or they’re afraid of their message, or they don’t want to upset some Like, or what will people laugh? I mean, where do you want to go with this lips? So conditioning is part of the human experience. It’s not bad, It’s not good. It just is. The question is, are you making choices and decisions through that conditioning or through your inner Authority? And I mean, one of those think about is apparent, right? Our kid wants to touch the hot stove, We’re going to tell them not to. That’s conditioning. We’re conditioning For safety. So I’m not saying we can’t cut up conditioning all together. But as a child, we have no idea with a condition, And we can’t reject it as we can as an adult. And that conditioning and you’ve hit it right on the head is part of The Human Experience. Mine. What? I realize, that the lots of work and lots of hours and luck, One of my big conditioning is that I’ll never make a difference. It’s fascinating. So two things, you know, I guess what I’m looking at is upgrading the understanding of conditioning, because to live from a place of true self is also a conditioning. It is just a upgrade of a genuine conditioning in a way. So that program that you’ve carry, that I will never make a difference. Since you’ve done such a deep research and dived into your life, Where did it start? Well, my family of origin was not the best like Many. I’m not unique or anything else. Alcoholic, stepfather, abusive, emotional, physical mental abuse. And as a child, I would watch them fight. My mother was very codependent. My stepfather was, I mean, they were burnt. And as a child, I tried to break that up, and there’s one night, and I’ve been able to recall this memory, because I had suppressed a bunch of my childhood, like many of us do with Trauma, Right? The brain, The Mind wants to keep us safe, and it rejects those memories that suppresses them. But I remember one night huge fight. I woke up to Glass breaking, which was a kind of a standard wake up, calling my house. And I tried to go downstairs and stop the fighting. And he grabbed me, threw me across the room, yelled at my face. I don’t know why you keep trying, because you’ll never make a difference. Now. I was six seven, somewhere in there. And you know what Child do? You sit there and go? I wonder if he’s right about that. We don’t. It’s emotional impact authority figure, and we believe it. And that then becomes conditioning at, like you said, and I like to refer to it as the other than conscious level, because it’s not unconscious, It’s down there running. It’s keeping us alive and everything else. But so are all those memories, those conditioning memories that continue to come up for. And what did I do? Thirty years in the fire service? I’m trying to be a A rescuer and making a difference. So I’ve went into that, and I love my career. But what I’m realizing it was something that from the past that had any step into that to find fulfillment to find purpose, find that working with a lot of those programs that we keep them in our life, and we’ll live through them until we collect all the lessons that they’re there to teach us. So, you know, both lessons, and And I guess, the virtues that come with those lessons. And by the time we’ve learned them, we find a better way.

00:07:31 Victoria
So if you were to look at your life of service, because that’s how I see it, you know, an individual level, you look at yourself defining and proving that you can make a difference, I guess. But from the outside point of view, you were saving lives. You weren’t faking it, You weren’t pretending. There were people burning, and you were saving them. So what are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned through? Ooh, this programming, some virtues you’ve developed?

00:07:58 Robert
Well, I think the biggest one is happened here in the last year, and I’ll come back to my design. I’m a generator, a pure emotional generator, Which what that means is I should not. Should I hate that word, right? But to make the most effective choice and decision for me, It’s through my emotion, not through my head. Our mind or the mind is never our Authority. So there’s two concepts, inner Authority outer Authority. Again, going back to my childhood. I’m very intuitive when I look at my design. But growing up in the family of origin, I did, I would see things happening, know what was happening, but being told something different. And again, as a child who the you believe yourself, or the authority figure the parent, because I’m I mean, they should have all the all the shoulds as we should all over ourselves. Right? So what’s happened with me Now is understanding that I can trust this. Now, for me is an emotional generator. The downside of that is it takes me time to be emotionally clear on those big decisions. So you may ask me a question today, do something I may not have an answer for you, But before, because of conditioning, I was taught, you better give an answer when you’re asked, when you’re told to You thinking that’s not my design. My Mantra is basically there’s no truth in the. Now, my truth develops over time. If I wait and respond, which is different Society, right? Hmm. So that the piece I’ve learned is not from necessarily all those years, Although what I was able to see us all the times I made spontaneous, quick decisions. Typically, many of them did not pan out. They should not become effective. Give out because it wasn’t from here It was was being forced into this decision.

00:10:01 Victoria
Amazing observation. I’m going to go back to those types. I know that there’s just gold there for us, but I’m kind of prompted to bring into, I guess, our awareness the way I relate to it. I remember teaching at some seminar and allowing people to feel how instantaneous conditioning is, because you’re talking about years of conditioning, Right? And so to overcome that. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, but I want to tell you guys, I want you to just kind of go through this 30 experiment with me, because you’re listening to Robert, you might or might not fully relate to it. I relate fully to what he’s saying. And so remember, having two groups breaking them into two groups and one assistant was talking to the group with our about their favorite hot foods, liquid hot foods. Do you have any favorite liquid hot foods? And the other one was talking about shower, just talking about shower bath, tub, remodeling, never mentioning the word soap was soup. But when the two groups came in, they were given a blank piece of paper with a so blank p, And they were asked to fill in the blank. So only after 10 minutes of unrelated discussion, one condition the brain to choose soup and one conditioning the brain to choose soap. Without a fail you know, every time I’ve done the experiment, the group have filled in a conditioned response. And so I think I just want to bring to everybody’s awareness the gold that Robert is sharing, because I think the lack of awareness that you’re conditioned will disallow for you to break through that conditioning and to live from your truth. So, Robert, how did you gain the awareness? And how does one gain the awareness And breaks through the conditioning

00:12:03 Robert
Victoria we’re going to do a little bit of tweaking of language if that’s okay, Right? Is the Breakthrough thing That’s kind of that self-help language Everybody uses. I need to break through those barriers. And here’s what I’ve learned. Again, condition is not good or bad. It just is. There’s nothing that has to be, because there’s nothing to fix, because there’s nothing broken As we look at a design. I look at yours really quickly. I could look at maybe you’ve had a life that you’ve tried To prove yourself like you haven’t felt worthy. And that’s what’s called not self, not self Behavior. Now, of course, you’re worthy. You’re beautiful. You’re educate your everything else. But your design may keep this. And then, depending on your upbringing, just amplifies that because your heart is an undefined Energy Center. It takes in that conditioning, which may reinforce, Yeah, You’re right, I’m not worthy. I am. And I’m just taking that as a keynote from that. But what happens with this? It just you said, it’s awareness, and it’s awareness of when am I not being myself as per design, not by default and the design of a generator? And you are one, you’re a manifesting generator, or your design is a manifest in generator – a generator Our strategy is to respond, but are not self is frustration. So for me, when I feel David and trust me Many years of my life, I have spent frustrated, but I didn’t know how to fix it. Now I realize there’s nothing to fix. It’s just I’m not being my design and allows its awareness, step back, Take three breaths, do whatever I need to do, and figure out where am I now To be able to then respond. And I think that answered your question, but it’s awareness, Right? Is Carl Jung said, until we make the Conscious conscious, it’ll remember likely call it Saint That’s conditioning is the other unconscious mind and what it’s been condition, depending on your design.

00:14:11 Victoria
So talk to us about that design, human design You’ve mentioned to. And I understand there are five types to five discs, human design, Or I don’t know the language to use with it. Talk to us about those five prototypes, or whatever You would call them.

00:14:26 Robert
Okay, Yeah, In there called types. There are four Main Types. But generators can be split into two types about 33 percent, each of them. So, generators which you and I have that type are about 70% of the world and their the builders. They’re the workers. Generators are designed to do the work. Then there’s projectors. Now, projectors are a what’s called a non energy type, So they don’t have a lot of energy like we do as generators. There were not or are there not that, but Being forced into a world that’s making them work, more projectors burnout, Because they’re saying yes to things that aren’t correct for them, And they’re not following their design. So generators manifesting generators, which is your type projectors, true manifest errs and then reflectors. And each design has a strategy and has an authority. So hours as a generator Is to respond. Now, if you think about this and I know you do things with entrepreneurs, what our entrepreneurs talk it out there, beat the bushes, move my move with, put Facebook lives of do this, do that, Do all this stuff. You are not well in me, Especially are not designed to do that, where we done, designed to respond to what comes to us. Now, projectors need to be recognized and invited to start to make a correct decision. So Victoria, I recognize that you really do well with this podcast. And I invite you, would you show me how to do this? That doesn’t work for you, because you’re not a projector, but that’s how I would talk to a projector, Manifest. Others are ones that get stuff done there. The idea folks They are, the big picture. They let’s go move, But again, they’re pushed into the in generators to Doing the work. Manifestos really aren’t designed to do the work for a manifest ER to really efficiently work. They need a team You as a manifesting generator, have some of those capabilities. We were talking about you doing the podcast, and you reached out and found somebody that knew how to do it to help you, that building that team. You don’t have to learn all about technology Jed to find somebody to help you fulfill what you wanted to do, And then reflectors which is like 1% Of the humanity They take 30 days. They’ve got to have an entire lunar cycle in order to make a decision That’s correct for them. Think about them how they move through school. Think about them have they’ve moved through Society. Many of them think they’re freaks because nothing feels they don’t feel like they fit anywhere. And in reality, They don’t. They’re not designed to fit in. And reflectors are really the great evaluators, because they can look at You saying in a different way than you and I can. So it’s interesting to learn these types with strategy and authority and my goal. My goal, like I believe in a world where humans are empowered and resource to make choices and decisions in alignment with their design. And if we could get the population to just following strategy and Authority, Oh my God, would the world be different? Just strategy that the way to two very simple moves for human design?

00:17:54 Victoria
Talk to me More. About strategy and authority, and how you see them impacting If you’ve mentioned, if the world were to follow these two. So what would be the changes that would be observable?

00:18:06 Robert
So generators, you and I are to respond. So when I look at your host on looking for people for your podcast, that was an invitation to me to respond, I could or could not respond. You didn’t reach out to me. You put it out there. Now, If you notice in that same Facebook group, there’s a lot of people that are thrown their names on. I want to be a guest. I want to be a guest. Here’s who I am. Here’s my picture. Here’s my design here, my blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Blah. That’s not what I meant to do. I meant to look at go that feels correct. I’m gonna follow her just so that strategy and I do that through my emotional Authority. I read your post, probably five or six times, and I kept watching, and I kept watching people and their response to it and how you responded. I had to see if it was correct for me to connect with you versus who There’s an opportunity, Papa papa, and it’s that piece of it. That’s the respondent. Does that make sense? It does. Yes, it does So projectors. Well, let me step back manifest errs, which is part of this. As for you, their strategy is to inform, Here’s what I’m going to do today, Boom, not to gain permission, But to let people know what they’re doing, I’ve got a big idea. And here’s what I’m going to go. However, most manifest errs and manifesting generators have been conditioned to do that. To ask for permission. You don’t have to ask for permission for any as long as you’re following your Authority, Your Design. So, projectors, I make sense. Well, absolutely. How Do you know if you are following your design without need to know it without need to be conditioned by the information about it? How does one know whether they are at this moment Following their design? Have you ever said yes to something that you knew at the time? You said, Yes, and it probably didn’t feel right.

00:20:07 Victoria
I absolutely, Absolutely, and I have gone back and retracted, or I have learned that that was a mistake.

00:20:15 Robert
Yeah. Well, if you think about it again, and your For about what and learning was it a mistake, or was it a learning opportunity for me? My past has been a huge learning opportunity where I went back and started to connect the dots of all the places I said, Yes and no. But that part of that your body knew, even though your mouth was talking and saying, yes, your body knew that that wasn’t correct for you, but we’re not in society. We’re not taught to trust our ADI or top to trust our mind. Tell me Victoria, What are you thinking? How do you think about that? Can you share what you’re thinking about that? How do you feel about this Victoria? What I’m saying right now about that. How do you feel

00:21:04 Victoria
Now when you ask that? And you’ve mentioned earlier, and that now I need two full disclosure. I know this is a completely new modality for me, So I’m only going by the information you’ve given me. So you’ve mentioned that you process through emotion. And so that question, how do you feel? Is probably a very impactful question for you? What if somebody does process through their thought patterns and reason versus their emotion?

00:21:35 Robert
Well, first is that it’s probably through conditioning, but you are designed, You’ve got sacral Authority. So when I ask you a question, you probably feel it in the safe, But you probably feel it right in the gut, and you get your answers typically immediately. The sake of authority is right Now, you don’t need much time to think about yes or no danger. Opportunity with a manifesting generator is you can jump into action right away without looking at all The Alternatives. That’s a lot of Manifestors and manifesting generators can see the big picture, and they jump over all the steps to get versus stepping back. So everyone, every design, is designed to respond in such a way to take a few minutes. How does that feel right now? Versus the thinking? Because thinking is conditioned behavior in our thinking is always somebody else’s outer authority. Never our in Earth or fast Needing.

00:22:35 Victoria
So what you’re saying is that there really isn’t according to human design. There isn’t a design that relies on reason or logic that it is all kind of going. Now, I look at emotion as energy and motion. That’s my word for a motion that is energy and motion. And is that energy moves through your body, Whichever Energy Center is most open for you. You will process the emotion through that Center. That’s not a system That’s from my practice. I don’t have a name for it. And what I’m starting to understand what human design it appears to have identified a person at a time of birth with the most open chakra. And probably the chakra and the placement geographically obviously aligns your chakra and the best way. But I would say that in my mind, the purpose of this journey is to evolve energetically and Shirley, and at which point human design becomes a limitation where you go back to I am done taking 30 days to consider something and being with the lunar, you know, system, you know, we’ve come here by Design, and then we free ourselves, I believe. So what are your thoughts on that Helped me Understand that from your perspective.

00:23:59 Robert
Yeah, I love that. I love. That is, again, It’s knowing who you are. You are. Every design is unique, because there is logic channels. There are processing channels. There’s emotional channels. There’s tribal channels. There’s Community channels. There’s individual channels. I mean, this is peeling back the layers to understand. So a friend of mine, one of the things in one of the gates called a gate that comes out of a center And we’ll talk about Senator in a second is basically the Gated out. So We’ve been talking about she comes across pessimistically, because everything she basically processes is coming through the gate of Doubt. Not that she’s doubting yourself. But the language that comes across is doubting that make sense. It does. I’m still stuck. Help me Get unstuck. We’ve upgraded the conditioning. Now, We’re conditioning a person by their Gates. Okay? Yeah, I got you. So let’s go back Up to 1781 the year 1781. We were seven centered beings. We talked about mutation and upgrade in 1781 the heart chakra split into the heart and the solar plex in 2027 We, as humans, will now be fully developed emotional centers, because the solar plexus is still developing. It’s still mutating. So we’ve moved from the seven centered IE chakras, which Juma design includes those It’s a form of it To actually nine Center beams Now with our design. So human design can bring together. Chakras, astrology, the Chinese I chain and the Jewish Kabbalah all into one design. That is who you are now. And when I say who you are, I don’t mean that like this is who you are. Our how do you show up as who you are? So even though I have an awareness for me, I have a totally open throat, Like I have no gates open in my throat. That’s all that. Then you have a couple of really cool voices out of your throat as a manifesting generator. But what I realized was that not self behavior of an open throat was gathering attention. So if you put that together with my conditioning of you’ll never make a difference, and nobody sees me. And then I go into something that no matter what I’m trying to have, people Look at me. Look at me, look at me, and then they would pressure me for the answer, and I would give them the wrong. Are we seeing how this all plays together? So the conditioning part of it is this isn’t the truth, It’s not, It’s how do you play with your design is called an experiment? How do you play with your design to upgrade you to be the absolute best You can show up to be reach that full potential?

00:27:02 Victoria
That’s beautiful, More so than you Probably realize, You know, I’m writing. I’m writing my fourth book right now. It’s called f off marble and free. And I’ve been working on this incredible Quantum sequence completely intuitively guided, No Outsourcing no outside influence. And I know that in a lot of traditional energy flows, you open from Crown chakra down up from root chakra up. And I was guided to the heart center and immediately to the solar plexus and establish the flow of the infinity between the two. And what is arrived I’ve arrived at is that God is love. God is light. Universe is love. Universe is like you are a lot of your light, Which means this is that true? You, you are love, your light that is the core truth. And then I have the energy go up to your throat. So you can speak the truth that you are down to sacral, that. You can create the truth that you are and so forth. And so it’s fascinating for me to actually be learning this, because I can see the alignment with that. So What is the truth? What is the love and light? What is the truth of Robert Kittredge?

00:28:10 Robert
Mmm? Well, first, you’ve hit that, I’m loved, and that’s been a challenge for me, is to understand. And I’ve got, there’s a couple channels of love that comes out of the sacral. The sacral is that energy center That’s all about love. The G Center is our Direction That’s also about love, and it’s about Direction. Our heart is about willpower. And self-worth Is you’re talking about this. It’s, how do I get the energy to? And that’s all this is. If you think about this Victoria, when you look at your design, it’s how you take energy in its how you naturally process energy and how you release it back into the world. Beautiful. Now, here’s the kicker that changes, Not Your Design, but as the planets move as things align. Astrology. Right now, we’ve got white for five planets and retrograde, or getting ready to go into retrograde. And Pools are open that are very emotional range. Some of my clients are like, oh my God, what is going on? And I look at what’s called the transit. And you can see there are Channel Gates, and maybe an entire Channel That’s not typically open for you. So why do I feel like this today? Oh, I got it and not to judge it, not to do anything with it, just to be with, It gives us an opportunity. Same thing happens If somebody comes into our life. A partner of business partner, somebody at the grocery counter. When we come into those auras and connect, have you ever done that You just immediately connect with somebody a beautiful, beautiful, your aura generators, or is opening encompassing people just and you’ve got it. What’s channel is called the channel of Charisma. So you’re naturally somebody just you draw people to you. You just do that naturally. Which the File is it a 3/5 part of that, It’s called heretic or martyr heretic. A 5 is all about challenging things Against the status quo. Like you see things your voice is meant to say the things that others. What you doing. I’ll listen.

00:30:25 Victoria
I could be listening to you for hours. Trust me, I got the book to learn how many Avid learner as very much like you. But I want to kind of get the Points. I know the time flies when you’re having fun. I want you now, Robert, that has defined his truth, and it’s beautiful to see that you’re free to start living and already living from that place. If you were to go to that six, seven year old boy, what would you tell him?

00:30:53 Robert
Now, I love that. And, you know, some of that inner child work. Some of our inner child needs to be told they’re still loved and everything else. And that’s just it. I think what I would tell Bob or Robert that he’s perfect, but he’s perfect . We are, we are perfect, but we’re conditioned for failure

00:31:15 Victoria
and looking forward 20 years from now, add future Bob comes to you sits right there by you. What would you tell you?

00:31:25 Robert
You know, part of this is I’ve learned how to live in the now and not the future. So this is interesting to feel this, I think. Thank you. I think it would be gratitude. And thanks For stepping into this and really grabbing ahold of who I am designed to be in the living room. Wow. Very powerful, and they choose little perfect. And I’m sure that you’re still perfect. And what would be your if our listeners Remember, you buy one thing, one teaching one message. What would you love all about? The voice to hear from you about me? Any message you’d like to leave us with? I think, first and foremost, discover who you are. You know, the self growth, personal growth industry is a billion-dollar industry, because everybody is looking outside for something, and you said it, but it’s already here. And break Scripture says, the kingdom lies within its here. So find out who you are, and then explore playing with it. It’s called an experiment For a reason is because we try it on. And trust me, I’ve got some clients that are being real challenge right now, because air conditioning has been so running their life, and it’s almost happened to let go of them and that stuff. But stuff like all that attachment, Amazing. And where would we find more about you, or the program that you offer? Yeah, You can go to wwwassistorg solutioncom. If you want to learn more about human design, just put a slash and unlock at the end of that. So Focus point solutioncom forward slash unlock, and it’s still under development. It’s changing almost weekly, but you know, again, as learning how to respond to something I’m putting it out there and let it be, and then change it and modify it as it comes to. And I know you were all great, and I know you have a special offer. What is the site for that? And what is that offer? Yeah, it real, simple free Get from Robertcom. So 10 question survey. And, you know, I encourage you to be honest and don’t judge honest. And don’t judge really shows you what’s conditioning and what sabotaging your life. And then there’s a complimentary session. Then you can get your design, and we can do a real high level, kind of debrief on it to get you started on living your strategy and Authority.

00:33:56 Victoria
beautiful. So free gift from Robert Find where you are. See discover, I guess not We arrived. We’re not lost, right? So we don’t need to find we don’t need to find us. We need to discover and free that. And, you know, Robert, I actually say that God, to me, in addition to what it means to me, is an acronym for great overall designer who I believe God to be the great overall designer. And so this human design is a gift from the Divine. I’m excited to learn about it. And I’m grateful for your time today. Victoria, Thank you. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much It. Thank you. Thank you to become aware of your default conditioning and to align with your true design Through human design system, claim your free introductory questionnaire and consultation with Robert Kittredge at

00:34:49 Speaker 1
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