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Victoria Rader

Possibility Coach™

Experience the powerful impact of the work that we do by booking a free consult with Vica!*

During this 15 minute session we will identify one of the main self-sabotaging patterns or blocks responsible for your current problem. Vica will shed light onto the issue, will shift the subconscious programming towards the best solution, and will further empower you with daily practical steps to truly start your journey of infinite possibilities.

Wonder whether 15 minutes is enough time? Get ready to witness how much is truly possible, experiencing first hand Vica’s proficiency woking with universal laws, her joyful mastery of the Law of Time, and, most importantly, her genuine knowing and love, as well as deep passion for your freedom and fulfillment.

Within 24 hours of the consult, you will also receive a follow up email with links to any resources mentioned in the consult and an introduction to one of our team members that can further serve your needs in the best way.

* First time clients only


15 free minutes was a gift of love and compassion from a beautiful soul Victoria Rader. In that short time she was able to touch on so many important topics for me, it was as if she had access to all my life’s records. She was incredibly intuitive and gave me explanations that finally made sense about ingrained patterns and habits I’ve had for far too long. Already within a few minutes I felt healing and relief. I was given homework and concrete tasks. It feels really good and I am eternally grateful! She gave me a spark of motivation.