What is Empower-mE app?

Full Empower-mE is a booster app for your daily mental and emotional well-being, a companion on your journey of personal happiness and growth.

When you download the app you will have instant access to the My Blessings set, where the app will match you with a “random” blessing for the moment. Just pause, shake the phone or click the button and be pleasantly surprised with your aligned message for the moment.

However, it doesn’t end there! If you want more daily inspiration, through ONE in app subscription, you also get access to:

  • My Answer
  • My Freedom
  • My Money
  • My Grief
  • And all future sets!

What is My Blessing set?

My Blessing set is a set of inspired and channeled blessings that will match you with a “random” blessing for the moment! Whether you have a particular need or simply want to have some empowering energy sent your way, this set is perfect for you. Trust the divine flow and allow the energy blessing to be sent your way.
Every blessing carries with it a powerful energy charge to help your subconscious mind to shift and be open to receive genuine abundance into your life. Enjoy these well-timed synchronicities, where coincidences are really god-incidences. My Blessing set comes to you absolutely free!


What is My Answer set?

Looking for an answer to a current dilemma or for a path to follow? These inspired answers carry a blessing and an energy charge to help you feel aligned with the divine will and flow for you. Your true answer is always within you. These answers do not introduce you to the truth; they simply reflect back and validate the truth that you already know deep inside. My Answer set is included in your subscription plan.

What is My Freedom set?

Before we can free ourselves from abuse or addiction (which truly is also abuse of self and those around us), we need to first free our mind and our emotions. Changing the way we think changes the way we feel; this brings changes to how we act and, finally, to new results. This app is intended to be the first step towards your freedom from abuse and addiction – changing your mindset towards ultimate freedom. It must have felt as if trapped in the cycle of running and running and running and yet always being stuck in the same place. No more. Today choose freedom. My Freedom set is included in your subscription.

What is My Money set?

Most of us want more money. And, as we get more money … we want … a bit more money. The cycle continues. Abundance and prosperity are not the result of how much money we make, but of what we do with the money we already have to guarantee that we indeed live a prosperous life. My Money is a set of empowering practices and energizing affirmations and activations that create conscious and subconscious programming towards understanding, practicing, living, and benefiting from the laws of money. Money obeys very practical principles and laws. Not knowing the laws harms us and prevents us from ever becoming prosperous. Knowing and applying the laws, over time, builds a solid foundation for an abundant life. Ready to live a life of abundance? Start now! My Money set is included in your subscription plan.

What is My Grief set?

If you have experienced devastating loss, be it in recent or distant time, this set is here to help you fill the void left behind by the loss. Your grief is real, as is the hope deep within it. Each individual entry consists of a verbal validation of different aspects of your grief, followed by a powerful, comforting, healing visualization, and an energy affirmation of hope and peace. We are grateful to our Tree of Life Facebook group family for their insights: we all have put a lot of thought and love into each of these entries, because none of us are strangers to grief.

Read through the entry that is selected for you. Understand and validate the feeling that it brings to the surface. Visualize quietly with the healing exercise and then affirm out loud as suggested.

My Grief set is included in your subscription plan.

Is there a free trial for Empower-mE?

We have a better option! We offer you My Blessing set absolutely free with no hidden fees or expiration period. As you choose to subscribe to other sets, all the existing and any future sets will be included in one subscription price.

How does it work?

Think of a question that is on your mind and press the button “pick”. The app will match you with a “random” blessing, answer and/or suggestion. Each set has a powerful energy charged activation to make a positive change in your subconscious mind. We find it more beneficial if, after reading an activation, you will close your eyes and mentally agree to the changes.

What is energy activation?

Energy activation is an empowering practice of expanding your awareness and thus magnifying your level of happiness and attracting a fulfilled life that you desire. Every one of our thoughts creates a synapse, an electric current in our brain. The established pathways of those currents become our daily paradigms. And, as each electric current, they create a magnetic field around them. This magnetic field is our emotions. Our emotions, this magnetic field that we send out to the universe, is what attracts our reality back to us. Different energy modalities as well as energy activations provide impressive results for most people, but there is no guarantee they will achieve your goals or be as beneficial as they have been for most people. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your own physician and/or therapist prior to using this app/resource.

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe through in-app purchases. All payments are handled by the Application Store. YU2SHINE does not collect or process credit or debit card data. Apple and Google collect Payment Card data with respect to in-app purchases made through the Apps. When you subscribe you will have an access to all current and future sets.

How much does subscription cost?

We offer you monthly and yearly subscriptions. For your convenience for only $2.99/month or $19.99/year you can have an access to all sets of iHappy Me. This price is promotional and is subject to change at any time. All payments are final with no reimbursement for the remainder period of use in case of cancellation of your subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you purchase a subscription through the Apple iTunes Store, you may cancel your subscription by cancelling automatic renewal of paid In App Subscriptions by selecting Manage App Subscriptions in your iTunes Account settings and selecting the subscription you want to modify. If you purchase a subscription through the Google Play store you may cancel automatic renewals in account settings under Subscriptions in the Google Play app, or according to the current process outlined by Google Play. You will not receive a refund for the fees You already paid for Your current Subscription period and You will be able to access the Service until the end of Your current Subscription period.


Do you store my credit card information?

YU2SHINE does not collect or process credit or debit card data. Apple and Google collect Payment Card data with respect to in-app purchases made through the Apps.

Who created Empower-mE?

These sets are prepared by YU2SHINE LLC. We are specializing in mindset and energy transformational sessions, seminars and webinars. You can read more about YU2SHINE here

All content is protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws of both the USA and foreign countries. Nothing grants you any license or right to use, alter or remove or copy such material. Your misuse of the trademarks displayed on the iHappy Me app is strictly prohibited.

Where can I get help?

You can leave a feedback or write a message to our Empower-mE Team Support by completing this form.

Where can I find privacy policy?

You can find and read our privacy policy here

Where can I find terms and conditions?

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