Emerging Out of Emergency. Motivational Diary with Victoria RaderIt started on the Independence Day with a trip to emergency room with my son. With great medical care and good antibiotics, we were back on track for our family vacation at the Oak Island.

Two days later I took my daughter to Urgent Care. And, once again, with great medical care and good antibiotics for a different condition, we were once again back to the beach.

Till a day later, now back in the emergency room with my husband and a new set of antibiotics for yet the third unique condition, while driving through the tropical storm.

Safe, cared for, grateful, on Thursday I was presenting to my Quantum Freedom group sharing the dynamics of our emergency full vacation. As always, knowing that each of us contributes to creating the experience of all of us, I was wondering what I was learning from this week.

It occurred to me that each time our experience was simply amazing. We barely had any wait, the staff was attentive and caring, and the medications effective and timely. I looked back only short three months to the time my dad had his open-heart surgery. I spent days and weeks and now months sharing my deep heartfelt gratitude for the excellent medical care he received.

Notice what you notice, for what you notice is what you create. I have been on a continued frequency of gratitude for great medical care since my dad’s surgery. Connecting the dots, I realized that my mom was taken to ER just a month ago – and gratefully is also doing well. I now shifted to even more gratitude for emergent care! Indeed, it is much better to be noticing excellent medical care and witness more of it, than be resentful towards it and create more experiences to resent. The gift however was to upgrade my gratitude to notice the wholeness and the health with the same gratitude I felt for the medical care.

Time for me to emerge of emergency and upgrade my gratitude for emergent excellent medical care to that of gratitude for the health we enjoy. Today I invite you to not only be grateful, but to be aware what you are grateful for and to upgrade your gratitude where needed. Write back and share with me your insights, as I would love to have more examples of this rather new realization.

Grateful for your love, support, and genuine genius curiosity for life.