Elena Khazanova, Delight mE Coach YU2SHINE

Elena Khazanova

Delight Coach


Energy Psychology/Tapping (EFT Universe Certified)
Over a decade of experience as a holistic psychotherapist
MEd and MS in Counseling/Reiki 3 Master/Teacher
Cranio-sacral therapist/Massage therapist
ThetaHealing® practitioner


English / Russian

Is it time for you to re-ignite your inner spark? Are you feeling energetically drained as if life is passing by on an autopilot? Are you constantly busy, yet without experiencing much joy, or achieving without feeling fulfilled?

Whether you are lacking the motivation to accomplish or your many accomplishments leave you overwhelmed at a cost of personal exhaustion and burn out, both Elena’s sessions and her programs are specifically crafted for you!

Join Elena to:

  • Rediscover the joy of life
  • Step into new self-awareness
  • Learn to belong through ease and joy
  • Find and follow the most optimal path of fulfillment
  • Learn and experience the difference between being a people–pleaser and true genuine pleasure of living

Many of Elena’s clients are females that have given much of themselves to the point of dimming their own light: moms, healers, therapists, bodyworkers, healthcare professionals, creatives, metaphysically oriented, alternative lifestyle. Through individual sessions and programs they report, “succeeding with more optimal reduced effort”, “increased ease,”  “restored self-love,”  “more wholesome body image,” “ability to notice and absorb the good” around them.

Give yourself permission to heal, to rest, to have fun, to fill your life with genuine wholesome joy, pleasure, and delight!

Delight mE Creation Ecosystem

$39 / month for 12 monthsSign up now

$58 / month for 12 monthsSign up now

No more forcing your goals to completion! No more burnout and exhaustion due to unnecessary adrenaline-fueled stress!

Join our unique ecosystem of supported manifestation. Empowering your connection to your heart’s desire and bringing your dreams into reality via activating and optimizing your brain’s natural pleasure network (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and anandamide).

What's included:

👍🏻 Group coaching session
👍🏻 Daily follow-up practice
👍🏻 Buddy play-system
👍🏻 Special savings on individual sessions via micro-groups!

And as a special BONUS 🎁
Your first session is always on us – just enter 39GIFT per person or 58GIFT per couple upon registration


This unique online mastermind group meets 12-1:00 PM EST on the second Tuesday of each month.
(Enjoy an additional 15 min Q&A BONUS time if you choose to linger)