If you can dream it, you can do it.

— Walt Disney

What does it mean to dream? Dreaming is not wishful thinking, it is a powerful mechanism of pre-creation.


There is a seed, deep in your soul that is calling you to pursue your unique path,  a spark inside you, a connection to your purpose, a bridge to DIVINE REALITY. This spark, this seed, this bridge in you is your budding ability to dream.

Dreaming is harmonizing your conscious frequency of a thought with the frequency of an idea of what it is that you are dreaming about. Every great idea that humankind will ever come up with, ever arrive at, ever discover, has always existed in God’s infinite intelligence as a pure frequency of that idea.

In the essence, this is what we do when we pray. We pray for guidance. We ask for our mind to be able to receive the divine answers, the ideas that we are currently not at a frequency of.

And …we do so also EMOTIONALLY … Regardless of what it is we pray or aspire for, in a long run, we seek out an emotion. Be it peace, joy, love, fulfillment, or any other positive and healing emotion – which is e-motion, energy in motion. We ask for a certain energy to be moved through us so that we can overcome, succeed, and be, do, or have more.

In praying, the emotion comes as a result of a prayer. In dreaming, the emotion must come prior to any result. In a very powerful connection, we pray so that we have an ability to dream the life we and God want for us. We have to choose to allow peace and joy into our heart not as a result of the outside reality, but as a conscious decision of our inner connection to the source of the Divine within us.

This brings us to our next point ATTRACTING MANIFESTATION. Attracting Manifestation ≠ Having a Result. Attracting means bringing it into your awareness, into your sphere of influence. I want you to think of a DREAM as a cookie cutter. It gives the shape and the size to your reality. For example, if you want to make a large space ship cookie, you will start with a large space ship cookie cutter shape – you will not be starting with a small ballet shoe shape. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? You cannot have a space ship-shaped cookie if you cut the dough with the ballet shoe shaped cookie cutter.

Very much the same, you cannot attract an opportunity to build a space ship if you are applying consistent thoughts of a ballet performance, emotionally charged with joy of dancing. You can only attract ballet performance opportunities. To be able to attract the space ship, you must apply consistent thoughts of building one, emotionally charged with joy of the accomplished result.

Dreaming then is setting a very clear shape of what you want and are inspired for your life to be. The less clear the shape, the less steady the boarders of your vision, the less chance that you will get a clear manifestation of it in your life.

You are now free to dream: to allow the spark within you, DREAM Divine Reality Emotionally Attracting Manifestation. You may find a full training on Dare to Dream as well as a powerful auto-suggestion to allow your subconscious mind to dream here. Dream on 🙂 !