That which is of God is light; and he that receives light, and continues in God, receives more light; and that light grows brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

–D&C 50:24

On a dark night, with no other lights visible or any obstructionists in a way, a light of just one flickering candle can be seen for up to 30 miles. One small candle light, giving hope at a distance, offering the most desired commodity of our existence – light.

We all interpret our divinity and undertake our spiritual journey differently, yet, in all religions or spiritual practices and traditions,  we all come to see Divine as love and light.

Love is the highest frequency of light. When we are feeling intense love, we truly vibrate at a higher frequency and emanate light from our very being. For some, we become their one candle. We not only believe in light, we live it through shining.

Today I celebrate your light in you. The energy and time of your physical creation, the time your body and spirit, your very unique energy of being, became one soul, corresponds to the alignment of cosmic energies that are in unison with your inner energy. One vibration. You were born at the precise moment of universal time-space continuum that represents who you are throughout endless eternities. The law of  light remains consistent and true for each human being in his or her relationship to the universal light energy flow. No mistakes. Your unique expression of light has been divinely orchestrated.

You are born of light. You live, and strive, and hope through light. Today I celebrate that light. I celebrate Christmas with Christ as my source of light. I honor Hanukkah with its haunting candles of light of strength and hope.  I rejoice in the Muslim Festival of Light. I feel the presence of Almighty represented by light in Hinduism.  I long to see the many Chinese lanterns lit up as a passageway of reconnecting with the divinity of the departed ones. I connect with sublime peace with the enlightenment of the Buddhist mediation.

Today, I pray that you find and lean and rejoice in your light. May you receive my light and love coming to you today! May you find yourself to shine ever so brightly! May your heart be filled with deep gratitude, joy, and love! May you bless the lives of many through your ever-increasing prosperity!