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Welcome to Nature mE page, where Nature mE Coach Cathy Handford shines as the beacon of spirit communication and divine connection. When you think of Cathy, envision a world where telepathy and spiritual connectivity unlock the doors to unseen realms, bringing solace and understanding to those who seek it.

Are you grappling with the loss of a loved one, yearning to bridge the gap between this world and the next? Is your beloved furry companion in distress, in need of profound healing? Perhaps your home has been shrouded in inexplicable mysteries and unsettling energies?

Cathy’s remarkable expertise revolves around harnessing the profound energies of the universe, transcending the mortal veil to connect with the ethereal. She channels the timeless wisdom of Mother Earth, the departed spirits of your cherished ones, and the power of animal communication and healing. Her offerings include:

🔮 Mediumship: Receive messages, find connection, and experience healing during times of mourning. After your sessions with Cathy, practice your own connection with your loved one by using Hear mE: Journaling Beyond the Veil journal. Cathy will open miraculous doors of connection that you can deepen using the journal.

“Cathy’s mediumship session brought me messages from my late husband that I desperately needed. It provided me with a sense of closure and peace that I thought was unattainable. Cathy’s gift is truly extraordinary.” – Susan W.

🏡 Energy Clearing: Detect and dispel negative energies from your land, houses, or surrounding areas.

“Our house had always felt eerie, but after Cathy’s energy clearing, it was like a weight had been lifted. The atmosphere became lighter, and the negative vibes vanished. We couldn’t be more grateful.” – Mark and Emily T.

🌟 Ancestral Blessings: Unearth hidden ancestral curses and blessings, restoring harmony to your lineage.

“Cathy’s ancestral blessing work changed the course of our family’s history. She uncovered and removed a long-standing curse that had plagued us for generations. Our family’s future is now brighter because of her.” – Patricia L.

🏡 Real Estate Harmony: Clear negative energy from homes, ensuring daily comfort and aiding real estate sales.

“Thanks to Cathy’s energy clearing, our home sold faster than we ever expected. Her expertise in creating a positive energy environment is unmatched. We highly recommend her to anyone selling their property.” – James and Sarah R.

🐾 Animal Healing and Communication: Reach out to the animal kingdom for insight and healing. Cathy offers extended sessions for owners, addressing the deep connection between them and their pets.

“Our dog Max had been suffering for months, and no vet could figure out why. Cathy’s communication and healing session with Max revealed the underlying issue, and he’s now back to his lively self. Cathy’s love for animals truly shines.” – Lisa M.

Animal Healing

From domestic cats to majestic horses, from cozy homes to sprawling barns, Cathy’s unique talents encompass scanning, cleansing, communicating, and healing. Her love for her furry clients knows no bounds, and her extensive experience in this field is unparalleled.

Should you require in-person visits for barns, travel fees will be applied based on current gas prices. (Available in local VA areas, including Leesburg, Middleburg, Warrenton, Richmond, Lake of the Woods, King George, and Ladysmith).

Take advantage of our special barn discount – enjoy a 20% discount for three or more clients, whether they’re human or animal.

Cathy offers a range of services, including the thoughtfully curated “Nature of Your Infinite Possibilities Package,” individual sessions, and engaging classes and seminars. Discover your infinite potential with Cathy’s guidance.

Step into a world of spiritual connection and boundless possibilities with Cathy!

Sometimes healing animals also involves healing the owner, especially for behavioral situations. I have encountered anxious animals because of the fear their owners transmit to them, and sick animals, who became sick trying to heal their owners.

– Cathy Handford-

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