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Cathy Handford

Nature   Coach


ThetaHealing / Communication with All Life University (CWALU)



Custom-Crafted Meditation Headbands

Is your furry family member in pain or needs healing? Or have things been strange around your home for no apparent reason?

Cathy’s area of expertise lies with working with connecting to divine nature of all through our beautiful mother Earth and animal communication and healing:

  • detecting and clearing negative energies from the land/ houses/ areas
    – removing ancestral curses and blessings
  • animal healing sessions
    – as animals often absorb the causes from their owners, Cathy also offers extended sessions for the owners as needed

Animal Healing
From cats to horses to the barns and houses they are housed in, Cathy’s talent lies in scanning the area or the animal for the underlying causes, clearing, communicating, and healing as needed. Her level of expertise and experience in the area is only surpassed by her love for her furry clients.

If requested, in-person barn travel fees apply based on the current gas prices
(local to VA: Leesburg /Middleburg / Warrenton / Richmond area / Lake of the Woods /King George /Ladysmith)

Barn discount: 20% for 3 or more clients (animal or human)


Cathy is offering uniquely crafted Nature of Your Infinite Possibilities Package, Individual Sessions and Classes and Seminars.

Sometimes healing animals also involves healing the owner, especially for behavioral situations. I have encountered anxious animals because of the fear their owners transmit to them, and sick animals, who became sick trying to heal their owners.

– Cathy Handford-

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