Carolyn Cosma

Accept Coach


ThetaHealing / Free mE™ EFT / Pranic Healing /
and Reiki Practitioner



Do you feel unworthy, unloved, abandoned or rejected? Or maybe others have not accepted you for who you are and there is a feeling of resentment and loneliness?

Carolyn Cosma is your coach! Carolyn has studied the healing arts since 2018 as a way to find personal healing for herself and her family. She now brings all that she has learned to assist others in finding peace and love through energy healing, spiritual guidance and insight, and valuable skills geared towards self love and growth. She has a background as an educator and social worker and currently travels the US in her RV with her family, inspiring others with her own story of healing and journey to loving herself as God created her.

Carolyn empowers her clients to release family and societal traumas and fears of not fitting in and replace them with acceptance of divine love and their mission and vision for their life. Her clients gratefully report personal successes after sessions in areas of health, mental state, emotional well-being, self-advocacy and personal relationships.

Carolyn will lovingly guide you towards acceptance through the Seven Possibility Centers™ so that you can accept and fulfill your divine mission on this planet at this time!

Prosper mE – from surviving to accepting your birthright of abundance
Create mE – from trauma and stagnation to accepting your creativity and creation
Empower mE -from powerlessness and force to accepting GOD’s power
LOVE mE – from loneliness to accepting GOD’s LOVE, self love and others love (GOD- Great Overall Designer/ LOVE- Life Originating Vibrant Emotion/ Energy-in-motion)
Hear mE – from being ignored to accepting and expressing your authentic truth
See mE – from hiding or being hid to accepting your light for divine visibility and vision
Master mE – from chaos through discernment to accepting and living your divine purpose

We are also so enthused to announce we will soon be making available the Accept mE unique deck of oracle cards with Carolyn as a co-creator!

Loving ourselves and accepting God’s love are the first steps in seeing big miracles in our lives. I have seen in my own life how accepting God’s love has been incredibly healing not only spiritually, but also physically and emotionally and I want everyone to be able to experience this for themselves and know how truly special and loved they are.

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