I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.
— Winston Churchill
Are you an optimist? No, not a person living in denial or unable to cope with and avoiding reality… That would a lunatic.
The meaning of the true optimist is hidden in the word itself. Coming from Latin “optimus”, meaning “the best possible”, optimist is an active intersection of two great words – optimal and option. So, being an optimist simply means making the best/optimal choice/option.
This is where those laughed at pink glasses come in so very nicely. The world is what we see it to be. People are what we see them to be. Being an optimist means seeing the people and the world through the lenses of “what is the best possible scenario here.” Being creators of our reality, we manifest exactly what we see in others. Why? Because one cannot be on two different frequencies at the same time!
If I am to tune into a rock music, I will hear rock. If I tune into classic music, I will hear classic. I simply may not tune into rock and hear classic. What we are looking for and seeing in others is the mechanism through which we “tune in”. Accordingly, the music in our life, our life itself, is the result of the frequency we have tuned into…
Want to change the melody of your life? Tune into and harmonize with what you want, not with what you don’t want. Tune in as an optimist. Then the hard work comes of staying on the same “channel” of optimism – looking for the best option- long enough and consistently enough to see it reflected back into your life. Indeed, there isn’t “too much use being anything else.”