Miracle of Commitments.Motivational Diary with Victoria RaderThursday June 24th was tough. Even though I knew the end was near, saying goodbye to my little glider Sushi has brought a pain of loss of all of my previous furry family. Sobbing by his cage, I leaned into the pain fully.

I have come to realize that it is only by fully accepting and processing pain and grief that we can release it and allow for the miracle of the healing. I was hurting and trusting the process. I was healing. I am healing.

I figured, I was in no state to write my book, a commitment I made to pursue daily. Then, through the pain and late into the night, I heard the Spirit whisper, “You did not commit to write. You committed to set time to write. Three minutes a day. Just three minutes.” True that. I can do that. I can cry by the cage, or I can cry by my computer.

So often when we pursue our daily commitments, we do not see the immediate results, and it can be very discouraging. Thursday was different. I had no expectations. I was just going to honor the commitment I made with myself.

I opened my laptop and felt a huge wave of comforting peace, followed by a gentle presence of my little furry buddy, now joyful to be with his little brother. I looked at the page only to realize that the last phrase on the page was a question, “Why is it that we resist love and life?” I now had a clear answer. We often resist the very life and love it has to offer for the fear of experiencing pain of the loss of love and of the loss of life of the loved ones.

We fear pain instead of accepting it fully to the depth of its greatest gift of divine comfort, of hope, of peace, and yes, even of joy. One of the pains we fear is that of disappointment. We set goals we do not reach, and we feel discouraged. We feel pain.

The only commitment we can make is to our effort. Winning in life is committing to daily efforts and allowing God to amaze you with results that surpass any of your goals. Small, realistic commitments that set you up for success. In my case, 3 minutes a day Monday – Friday to focus on writing my book – allowing either for the space and time to expand and the words to flow; or to simply get up after the 3 minutes knowing that I showed up, that I kept the commitment.

Take a deep breath. Honor life through gratitude for my Sushi’s lesson – kept commitments open doors to miracles, from pain to joy. What are you going to commit to for this upcoming week? Is it just a glass of water with lemon every morning? Is it to step outside and just breathe for a few minutes a day? What is a doable daily commitment that you can open the door to miracles with?

Today, I started a new weekly post for My Tree of Life – where we can all share our wins! Hope you join us. Let’s commit to winning by pouring love into every action we take, trusting a life of miracles to unfold. And it will.