Voting is a civic sacrament.

— Theodore Hesburgh

There I stood at the airport just two days ago – embarrassed and in shock. I have completely forgotten to get a Visa to Brazil for my trip to Rio. Looking back, events leading up to the final fiasco were nothing but challenge after challenge to overcome. Yet, not once during during a several month preparation, having previously traveled to over 20 counties, has it occurred to me to pause and ask whether this still was a way to go.

Now, I stood, praying that I did not need any proof of Divine interference. Prayed for those on the plain that they might land safely, sending love to those at the hotel, the venue to be shortly cancelled. No proof, please, no proof. I believe without a sign. I believe that this is by far the best for me. I don’t need to know how.

You see, I often say that asking God for guidance can be tricky. Not always do we get a clear green light. However, from my many experiences before, and surely from the most recent non-trip to Rio, I pray a “notification” rather than a “request” prayer. As I have a prompting to act, I simply declare, “Here I go. Stop me, if I am not aligned with the Divine will for me.”

Tomorrow is the election day. Each one of us who is casting a vote, is convinced that who we are voting for is the best candidate from those available. Could I ask you to vote not in the spirit of opposition but that of unity.? Let’s all unite in a simple faith prayer, “Here I go. I cast my vote. Stop me, stop my vote, if I am not aligned with the Divine will for me and for my country.”  Isn’t that what we all want. What do we want more? To be right or to be blessed? I pray it is to be blessed. I pray for the candidates. I pray for Divine interference. I pray for the best for this country. I am willing to lay down my version of the best in favor of the best I am not aware of. How about you?